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Q 01) How easy is it for housewives to use Kingfuse?

A 01)
Installation and fitting same as regulator
  Open/Close tap similar to regulator
  Large dial for clear view of the gas level and shut off indication
  No tools needed for installation

Q 02) Does Kingfuse serve as a regulator?

A 02) No. Kingfuse serves as an Emergency Shut off device only.

Q 03) Do you have trained manpower to install Kingfuse?

A 03)
Every Authorized Reseller will have well trained staff to install the Kingfuse and
           troubleshoot the system.

Q 04) Where are the Authorized Resellers of Kingfuse located?

A 04) The appointment process is underway. The list of Authorized Resellers already appointed            is  available on our website.

Q 05) Will Kingfuse shut off the cylinder if milk / water boils over and extinguishes
           the flame?

A 05)
No, since if it does so, one cannot light a stove at all.

Q 06) What is the VAT percentage for Kingfuse?

A 06) VAT - 14.50 %

Q 07) How does Kingfuse detect the leak?

A 07) Based on the Bernoulli principle - As the speed of moving fluid or gas increases the            pressure of the fluid or gas decreases. Conversely when there is a rupture speed            of the gas decreases thereby  pressure increases which triggers and moves the            shut off element against O ring thereby  shutting off further gas flow.

           Additionally refer the Technology page on our website

Q 08) How accurate is the gauge on Kingfuse?

A 08)  The gauge merely works on pressure whereby it states the indicative quantum of gas in             the cylinder and cannot accurately measure the quantum of gas. In other words it                   is an indicator and not a measuring device.

Q 9) What are the materials used to make Kingfuse?

A 9) Aluminium body, Brass nozzle and nylon/glass fiber on/off tap.

Q 10) Does Kingfuse work on commercial gas cylinder?

A 10) Yes, when used with a standard low pressure regulator. It cannot be used on  commercial           cylinders with unreduced pressure.

Q 11) Does Kingfuse work on cooking range?

A 11) Yes.

Q 12) Does Kingfuse work on Gas geysers?

A 12) Yes.

Q 13) Does Kingfuse work on automobile gas cylinders?

A 13) No.

Q 14) Does Kingfuse work on pipeline gas?

A 14) No. It is not meant for pipeline gas supply from Mahanagar Gas, Reliance etc.,
          It will work on out of the home cylinder systems.

Q 15) Do you have a product for pipeline gas?

A 15) It will be launched shortly.

Q 16) Does Kingfuse detect a leak in the cylinder?

A 16) No. Kingfuse detects leaks which happen after the gas has passed through the shut            off element.

Q 17) We have no problems till date with LP Gas then why should we buy Kingfuse?

A 17) Kingfuse is a voluntary kitchen safety appliance which can be likened to purchase of           helmet to drive a two wheeler and purchase of stabilizer for home appliances. Consumers           are incurring recurring costs in the form of Medical Insurance, Vehicle Insurance and           Property insurance as a post incident remedy, whereas Kingfuse helps prevent any           accident in the kitchen through a onetime investment.

          Also there is a savings of up to 25 % as evidenced by testing of the product under           standard conditions with results being tabulated at IIT, Madras. This means a consumer           using on an average one Gas Cylinder a month recovers the cost of investment within a           year’s time.

Q 18) Why has it taken such a long period to introduce in India even though the            product is used widely in the globe?

A 18) The regulatory process in India being methodical and stringent is a major deterrent.            Marketing involves substantial convincing of the customer and ground work. Also            the high distribution and installation costs required for this product.

Q 19) Where is Kingfuse manufactured?

A 19) We buy the product from the Australian company who are getting it contract manufactured            by a Taiwanese company.

Q 20) What are the regulatory approvals obtained for Kingfuse?

A 20) We have initiated the process of obtaining approval from the Office of Chief Controller of            Explosives at Petroleum and Explosives Organisation (PESO), Nagpur. Upon receipt of            the approval we hope to obtain the formal endorsement from Indian Oil Corporation. IOC            has independently and successfully tested Kingfuse at its LPG Equipment Research            Center (LERC) at Bangalore.

Q 21) Is there explosives approval for Kingfuse?

A 21) Earlier PESO, Nagpur vide its communication No.G.3(4)40/Misc/2007 dated 06/12/2007            informed that the product does not fall under the ambit of Gas Cylinder Rules 2004 hence            no formal approval is required. But we have since initiated the process to obtain their            formal approval to facilitate endorsement by IOC.

Q 22) Is there a UL certification for Kingfuse?

A 22) We have initiated the work to obtain UL approval. We have been allotted project reference           number 10CA08342 dated 09th Feb 2010. We are hopeful of getting it since our           Australian principal has already obtained the same earlier for their US product.

Q 23) When do you propose to get the UL certification of Kingfuse?

A 23) UL approval process normally takes 3 to 6 months time.

Q 24) Is there a BIS certification for the product?

A 24) Presently BIS does not have a standard for certifying our product.

Q 25) When do you propose to get the BIS certification of Kingfuse?

A 25) Once BIS sets a standard we are ready to apply for the same.

Q 26) Has Kingfuse been endorsed by the oil companies?

A 26) Not yet. We have initiated the process but are unable to comment on the final outcome.

Q 27) List the names of independent entities which have tested Kingfuse?

A 27)
LPG Equipment Research Center (LERC) Bangalore with a report submitted directly to Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Mumbai
   NATA Accredited Laboratory in Australia - Please see documentation page.    
  IIT, Madras - Please see documentation page.  

Q 28) What are the quality assurance and quality control measures adopted?

A 28)
There is a five stage quality program.
  Component testing during manufacture
  Completed product testing at manufacturing site
  Random sample testing by independent agency in Sydney
   '100% in house testing of units'
  Unique batch number for identification and tracking the warranties in the unlikely event of defective batches being identified

Q 29) What does the batch number on Kingfuse indicate?

A 29) Year of manufacture and product number.

Q 30) What is the weight of Kingfuse?

A 30) 300 grams.

Q 31) How does Kingfuse help in LPG savings?

A 31) Kingfuse reduces the flow of gas marginally without altering the pressure. In most cooking           circumstances, especially when on a high flame part of the heat is lost to surrounding air           and does not play a part in the cooking process. With Kingfuse due to the reduced flow           the gas usage is made more efficient whereby 100% of the heat is employed in the           cooking. The reduced flow eliminates wastage of heat. This is akin to the practice of           pressing the accelerator of a car gently according to the requirement of the vehicle           speed instead of hitting the floor  where petrol is released more than required.

Q 32) Explain the Product Liability Insurance offered by Pole-Star?

A 32) If Pole-Star ships a product which is proven to be defective during the warranty period and
          this proven defect results in injury, Pole-Star could be held liable to the injured party. Pole-
          Star will seek coverage for these claims under Polestar's Product Liability insurance policy
          written through The New India Assurance Company. This facility is available to products           registered with Pole-Star in the form of return of warranty cards duly filled for batch                    number, date of sales and reseller/dealer details. Warranty details can be sent to Pole          -Star by email for registration. Customers can soon make use of online warranty                     registration being contemplated.


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