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The Flow of Gas Through KingfuseR

The diagram shows in simplified form the path of gas through KingfuseR. Here's the sequence of normal gas flow

Gas enters the KingfuseRdirectly from the cylinder
Gas is channeled into a chamber, where it passes the shutoff element
Gas is then channeled up out of the chamber and past the gauge pin
Gas then exits

The various uses of KingfuseR all follow from this sequence. Importantly, the gauge pin is directly attached to the gauge, and acts as a pressure detector, which causes the gauge to show changes in gas pressure via movement in the needle.

How KingfuseR Stops Major Leak
The shutoff mechanism works on the Bernoulli principle. A sudden increase in gas flow (for example from the hose rupturing) changes the pressure around the shut off element, lifting it up and causing it to plug the exit to the chamber and stop the flow of gas completely.

The shutoff element will stay in this position until you push down on the gauge. The gauge pin then pushes the shutoff element back down into the chamber, so resetting the KingfuseR ready for normal operation.

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